July 22, 2015

Quinoa The Super Food

Quinoa is a grain crop used for its seeds.  It is delicious and extremely healthy.

Quinoa is gluten free.  Quinoa is high in protein and fiber!  It  contains a lot of nutrients.

Health benefits of Quinoa

`Helps cure type 2 diabetes

`Helps people who suffer from vascular health issues

`Helps people with sluggish metabolism

`Helps people who suffer from migraines

`Quinoa promotes overall good health

There are many dishes that use Quinoa. The the simplest is to use it as side dish to replace less healthy grains or starch rich foods.  i will be posting a video on how I easily make quinoa ...shortly.

Forbes names Quinoa a superfood and it notes 7 important reason why. 

The scare, anemia & Triennial Neuralgia

The scare
There I was tears streaming down my face... I was in so much pain.  I am a tough girl when it comes to real pain but this was from screaming to silent in toe curling agony.   My husband finally convinced me to go to the hospital.  It was April 5, 2014 and I ended up in two hospitals.  I had frequent and sudden shooting pain.  It was an electric shock like pain that was going to my brain, face structure down to my teeth.  Even my skin felt the pain.  To make that story short, I was diagnosed with Triennial neuralgia.  
That wasn't the scare...  
   Triennial neuralgia  is scary and considered one of the most painful illnesses, but it was my blood count levels that scared me.

 I am severly anemic.  I've suffered with it for a very long time but I was 1 point away from needing a transfusion... That's  
according to my last blood test(April 5, 2014). It  sucks and I certainly don't think or act on it as much as I should.  Anemia is fairly common but the serverity of my situation is far from common or normal .   

  This is why this blog is so important to me.  It is a motivating tool for health and I find comfort in helping others.   
It's time to hold myself accountable and you are going to help me!  Thanks in advance!  ;).  If you or anyone one you love and care about suffers from anemia please follow me.  :)  

P.S Thank to my medication for Triennial neuralgia, I've found that the episodes are becoming fewer and less painful.  

If you or someone you know suffers from anemia please follow me on this blog.  I'll be making many post on information, help, recipes, and tips weekly.  


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April 8, 2015

The Anemic Diaries; Entry 1

                                       Written 12/2014
Dear World,

I am Cyndi and I am Anemic...  Not the type of Anemic that is quickly over come with some over the counter vitamins...  The kind that has doctors perplex for years... The kind where blood work, blood transfusion and  iron infusions  have become frequent and a normal part of my everyday life.

I've written a few articles but thy were impersonal.  My goal here is to write about the different symptoms, treatments, and personal experience while  I journey through this aspect of my life.  I can't seem to find a place where people express  pains, concerns, and discuss treatment in a diary.  I also will share my lab results and advice.

Quick Overview: 

October 29, 2014


This post isn't really about Holistic Eating but I figured I'd Share one of the reasons I have not been posting as much on here.

I been working on my online store. CreatingWonderland.net creatingwonderland.net
Please check it out and tell a friend.  Check often as I will add new products and designs monthly.
You can Add my other blog for the latest news and deals.


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